Friday, March 5, 2010

James Toney Signs with UFC

After following Dana White around the globe to get a match with the UFC, the UFC impresario has finally agreed to give Toney a shot.   Toneys over the hill as a boxer but you can bet hes still got the wiles and the smack in his punch.  I dont know how he does at wrestling but, if he can keep to his feet, the UFC boys are going to be surprised as they wade in with their wide air-flailing punches. 

There are some UFC guys who can punch, but most cant.  The UFC guys who know what theyre doing in the punch zone usually have had experience in boxing.   James Toney is the consummate boxerrather was--- I saw him in his heyday when he was around 147 pounds (believe it or not) and he seemed to have absorbed historical, almost mythic skills.

Okay, hes a character.  I think Mike Tyson had picked up a few trash talk items from Toney.   Frankly, I wish James Toney had gone off into his retirement before he ballooned up to his current weight.  I hope he gets a somewhat even matchup in the UFC.   It would be fun to see the UFC guys get smacked around in a boxing lesson.

Its not that I dont have a great amount of respect for their toughness, but the UFC fighters need to develop some skill before theyll pick up the true boxing fans.  Of those other martial arts sports, I tend to favor that Japanese thingwhats it called? Korean kickboxing, except the punching is better than what you get from the UFC. 

Well see.  Lights Out!...the UFC!

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