Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arthur Abraham Loses 11th Round Disqualification to Andre Dirrell in Super Six

I was going the rounds of the boxing blogs to check on the results of the Abraham - Direll matchup of the Super Six and was disgusted by the number of people who accused Dirrell of faking it when he took a big right hand from Abraham after he slipped to the mat. Those people are either pouring on the hate or are really ignorant of what happens when you're down and your hands are down and any kind of puncher takes a whack at you. Check out the vid. Dirrell's got his left glove on the floor and is steadying himself, hardly the kind of position you want to be in to take a home-run shot. Of course, most of the people criticizing Dirrell couldn't take a shot from a 100 pound amateur female fighter and get up, let alone a pro.

But what's up with Abraham? It wasn't like that punch was begun as Dirrell slipped to the mat. Take a look--Dirrell's already hit the deck once and is on his way to a second bounce when he puts out an arm to steady himself. Then Abraham winds up like he's on the gold course and Pow--hitting Dirrell with a powerful sideways shot while his jaw is relaxed. When Andre Golota did such things, the world went wild, but Abraham's bum's rush is cool, especially as it comes from those deperate European fans who read the British Sun.

Abraham will say he started the punch already, probably meaning he was thinking about it in the first round. Definitely a desperation act--probably pissed at being on his *ss in the 4th....

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