Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mosley - Mayweather: The Brave Ones

Gotta' tell ya' I wasn't impressed when Pacman took on Clottey and the result was sclerotic. This has caused me to lose just a little respect for Pacquiao, whom I know to be a terrific fighter. If Clottey had brought some fight instead of some survival skills, I might feel differently.

As a result, my allegiance went immediately from neutral to Mayweather. Mayweather's always been criticized for one thing or another but that shit should be so over with his pick of Mosely to replace Pacquaio that's it's ridiculous to think otherwise. Mosely is far more dangerous than Joshua Clottey, and to my mind, far more dangerous to Mayweather than Pacquiao.

Now this should put to rest anyone who questioned Mayweather's "heart," something I never did. Where does this questioning come from? Mainly, it's because Mayweather is so flextible and so capable of adjusting his fight around every type of circumstance and around every type of fighter. Sometimes he hardly seems to be making an effort and this frustrate some fans--but not me. The point is to win, isn't it? Dem fools was thinking Fatty Ricky Hatton (a very determined and capable boxer when facing ordinary opposition) actually had a chance with Floyd Jr. but that was a preposterous notion, I've always said. The way Hatton went out during that fight was classic Class B fighter against Class A fighter. Charging into a corner to get knocked out--it was a thing of beauty.

So this is the fight of 2010. Mayweather v. Mosely--two great champions. And both fighters are okay to take whatever Olympic or whatever tests are required to get ti done, son. Something Pacquiao refused to do, an act which will forever haunt him.

Mayweather v. Mosely. In this time of turning junk fights into PPV, this will be one worth buying. Floyd Jr. undefeated. While Mosely lost 2, it was to the same guy and now he is a mature fighter, still at the top of his game.

This one's the bitch.

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