Saturday, February 27, 2010

Antonio Escalante Vs. Miguel Roman

Last night on ESPN was a candidate for Fight of the Year, if not for Fight of the Century.  It was in the 126 pound class but youd never know it.   Non-stop action and more fury than a combat zone.   Escalante emerged the winner but this was one of those fights when there were two winners.

Miguel Mickey Roman advanced like General Patton the whole night through to ten rounds.  Apparently, these guys knew each other since they were little kids in Juarez, Mexico.  They had street fights thenit must have been like unrequited love the way they went at it.

Youve got to love both these warriors.  Escalante is a beautiful fighter, a champion with all the tricks, and some bad punching to boot.

Miguel Roman ought to be nicknamed something more than Mickey unless that references slip you a Mickey”…one of those Knockout Drops they used to lay on you in those old-time crime flicks.   Man, what a furious little beast, determined and powerful, going at the body with both hands on the inside.   

Roman went down once in a flurry of punchesin the late rounds.   Escalante staggered at times, looked a little woozy.  I got a little woozy just watching it.  There was no layoff in intensity, not for a  brief moment.  The boxing people got PPV all wrongwhere people pay good money for ho-hum fights when you can watch action like this for free.  

The arena was packed.  Two guys fighting for heart and pride.   Enough cannot be said for the two of them..


Anonymous said...

roman was too slow...

Anonymous said...

I was watching the fight just now (25/11/2010), on ESPN.
So, i start searching who the winner was!

Nice blog!