Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yuri Foreman Fights Miguel Cotto and a Bar Mitzvah

Does Yuri Foreman have a chance against Miguel Cotto? Sure, he does but it depends on how much Cotto has left from his earlier battles. I would guess that a guy like Cotto has plenty in reserve to take on the undefeated 28-0 Foreman. The reason the fight is attractive is because Foreman is another in a long line of Jewish fighters who gained notoriety.

Foreman’s quick, tireless, and energetic but, having no more than 8 KO’s in his 28 wins, you’d have to say he depends on volume not power to dispatch opponents.

I expect Cotto will be effective burrowing inside, muting the snap of Foreman’s punches. Should be great for Cotto fans—the fight is on June 5 at Yankee Stadium in New York City. Man, I wish I was a rich Boricueno…. I wouldn’t mind being there…

I hope they get that Bar Mitzvah thing straightened out. Foreman’s sin slate would look tarnished if the kid being Bar Mitzvah-ed couldn’t have that booking date. Foreman’s strongest desire, right up there with being a champ is to be a Rabbi. A Rabbi you wouldn’t want to argue with….

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Anonymous said...

let's put it this way, yuri has no chance... think salita vs khan