Thursday, November 1, 2007

RJ Sockwell Breaking It Down on the Mosely-Cotto Fight

Blogging's a lot of fun. From blogging, I've learned a lot about writing and a lot about boxing. I often consult with other people at the gym to get opinions and ideas about where this is going. RJ Sockwell's one of the people I often talk to. Sockwell often gives me a different insight into the world of boxing. So it seemed natural that I'd ask him to write an article for us about the upcoming Mosely-Cotto fight. Here's RJ's commentary:

Fast & Furious" is the way HBO is billing the fight between two mega-stars of the Welterweight Division, Miguel Cotto and "Sugar"Shane Mosely. Lets start with champion, Miguel Cotto, and his record of (30-0, 25 KOs). The current undefeated WBA world welterweight champion is a devastating puncher but he’s most effective to the body. Cotto’s performance in his last fight on June 9th against my man Zab "Supa"Judah, former two-division world champion, ended up in a 11th round knockout. That shot Cotto directly into superstardom.

I feel that Cotto doesn’t have the greatest chin in the world and that will be the way Shane will get him out. Let’s take a look at the 3rd generation "Sugar", Mr. Mosely himself (44-4, 37 KOs ) , a three-division world champion. He had a few big performances in recent years most notably against Oscar de la Hoya and Fernando Vargas. Mosely fought both those opponents twice each, as well as world champions Phillip Holiday, Raul Marquez, Jesse James Leija and John John Molina. That’s not to mention Mosley’s victory overt Luis Collazo for the WBC Interim Welterweight title.

Let me break it down for you on the Mosely-Cotto fight:

Mosely will start strong and finish the exact same way. Cotto will start slowly as usual but will land those oh so effective body shots early on to try and slow Mosely down bc Mosely has the speed of a 07 Ferrari. For the first four rounds, I see Mosely beating Cotto to the punch. You never know how Cotto will respond to that constant pressure along with the fact that Cotto punches in between his opponent’s punches. I have Mosely winning the fight by knockout in the 10th round !

It’s not what I think, at least not on the bigger scale of things. What do you guys think after reading my analysis? I urge you to visit the poll over on the right and vote for who you think will win. And don’t forget to tune in to HBO PPV on sat. Nov. 10 for what could be the Fight of the Year.

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