Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Lions of Madison Square Garden: Cotto and Mosely

The lions fought toe-to-toe in Madison Square Garden last night as Miguel Cotto battled to a unanimous but close decision against Sugar Shane Mosely, one of the world’s best fighters. Mosely’s 44-5 record doesn’t say it all for him and boxing insiders recognize him for the true champion he is. Mosely’s defeats came from serendipity, from rising to insurmountable challenges, from a refusal to take the easy routes that others with better win-loss records would have taken.

For that matter, Miguel Cotto seems to have metamorphosized from a block of stone, a dauntless throwback fighter who speaks softly and takes no prisoners. There’s not a wall or a block of stone anywhere that Miguel Cotto wouldn’t go up against with his fists and his iron will. The quiet, unadorned American champion from Puerto Rico does not have the outgoing personality of his predecessor, Felix Trinidad, but he’s gone further into the dark night of visceral struggle than anyone in modern boxing history. Miguel Cotto is quick to express his admiration of Trinidad but says:

“I’m Miguel Cotto. I’m not Felix Trinidad.”

The thousands of fans at Madison Square Garden and millions more in America already know that. Miguel Cotto may have a setback along the way to boxing greatness, but he’s gotten up off the deck to win before. As with all lions, he is made up of tooth and claw and an indomitable heart.

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Anonymous said...

Watching this fight a week later. Am I the only one who thinks Mosely might have eked out a slight lead on points? I love Cotto but was surprised to see him "dancing" in the later rounds. The fight wasn't so totally "in the bag" for him at that point. When De La Hoya danced the late rounds against Trinidad, they gave the decision to Felix....Were the judges influenced by Cotto's tremendous NYC following?