Sunday, November 4, 2007

Calzaghe Defeats Mikkel Kessler in Denmark November 3

Joe Calzaghe’s defense of his super middleweight title wasn’t exactly a walk in the park but it had a predictable ending. He struggled through the early rounds trying to avoid Mikkel Kessler’s right hand rocket shots, but gained ground through the middle rounds on ring experience and boxing skills.

Keller found a temporary solution to Calzaghe’s habit of leaning too far forward—the right uppercut. After a late discovery of that punch, he used it effectively until the more experienced Calzaghe made an adjustment. After that, it was experience all the way which won the rounds for Calzaghe, peppering with jabs, lots of body movement, and plenty of punches.

Give Kessler his props, though, there’s no quit in the boy. Kessler had a resurgent twelfth round in which he tracked Calzaghe with his body radar to mount a hard punching and furious attack.

Final thoughts: Fire Howard Lederman from HBO. That screeching voice and continuing cheerleading for the popular favorite makes him a useless sidetrip and obstacle to boxing enjoyment. If ever there’s been a guy who has no insight into a fight, it’s Lederman. He had Kessler winning only two rounds at the end of the fight. What on earth does that man do to keep his job? The official judges had the fight much closer than Lederman did, and the official judging was about right in my book.

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