Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pocono Challenge IV: Boxing at the Big Wheel


The Jesse Harris Boxing Team will be hosting its fourth boxing show at The Big Wheel on North 5th Street in Stroudsburg on Saturday, December 1. Some quick notes:

• Doors open at 6:00 p.m with the first bout set to begin at 7:00 p.m.

• Five fighters from the Jesse Harris Boxing Team are scheduled to compete. Interesting newcomers are John Grimaldi and Jarod Sharp. You’ll see that “new” doesn’t necessarily mean “inexperienced.” Jarod will be starting at ESU in January, and Joe is at NCCC. For Grimaldi, this will be his first bout with USA Boxing. The Pocono Mountain southpaw has been working hard at the gym and getting "A"s in school. Lucas Robinson will also compete--he's from Pedone's Heavy Hitters and will be making his debut on the Jesse Harris boxing card.

• Jeremy Kramer has returned to the ring after a hiatus and still looks sharp. Jeremy’s a hard worker, as most boxers must be. Jeremy juggles boxing with a nearly full-time job, and studies at East Stroudsburg University. Another returning fighter is Navy veteran Joe Boneillo, another ESU student, motivated to box by the childhood memory of a relative in the fight game.

• Another thing to look forward to is that Open Class fighter, R.J. Sockwell will be fighting his last match as an amateur. Sockwell’s been boxing the pros in frequent sparring sessions around the country, so the move to professional boxing is a logical step. Sockwell comes from a boxing family and has it in his genes. A while back, R.J introduced me to his cousin, heavyweight Monte Barrett, and also to Zab Judah. Both of these well-known fighters had, like myself, gone to watch Sockwell compete in the New York PAL semi-finals in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. It should be an interesting match. With RJ's spreading reputation, there are lots of boxers wanting to take Sockwell down.

• Another Stroudsburg boxing team will have fighters on the card. Danny Sandoz of Pedone’s Heavy Hitters will be featured in the 110 pound class. Danny’s trained by Brian Pedone of East Stroudsburg. You wouldn’t think a guy in Sandoz’ weight class could punch so hard, but you’d be wrong. Another competitor from Pedone's boxing club is Lucas Robinson.

As of this writing, arrangements are still being made to find an opponent for heavyweight Anthony "Jug" Himelright. Anthony was disappointed last time around when his opponent failed to show. This time, Xtreme Fitness owner and boxing impresario Jesse Harris has lined up two possible opponents for Himelright.

"I hope they both show up," says the volatile Himelright with the characteristic wide grin.

• Other PA boxing teams which will participate in the event include the Harrisburg Boxing Club, Bozy’s Dungeon of Philadelphia, Blaze Boxing in Lancaster, Tiger Schulman’s gym in Allentown, Simmerall's Gym from Scranton, PA. Participating New Jersey teams are from New Brunswick and Pleasantville, NJ.

Tickets for the bouts are $20.00 with Ringside Tables for $25.00.

Tickets can be purchased at the Big Wheel or at Jesse Harris Xtreme Fitness on Rte 209 south of Stroudsburg (formerly known as the JBA Gym).

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The Big Wheel is located by heading North from Stroudsburg on North Fifth Street (also known as Rte 191). There's always some confusion (my own) about whether the Big Wheel is in Stroudsburg or East Stroudsburg. Don't worry about it. It's straight out from 5th Street, just a little past Stoke Mill Road. For BOXING INFORMATION call JESSE HARRIS XTREME FITNESS AT 570-421-7611.


Anonymous said...

O.G i still think your doing a hell of a job with this site keep it up and one day you'll be writing about a world champion named R.J Sockwell. I just love how the info is so acurate and up to date the fans just have to appreciate it.

Over & Out

Anonymous said...

Thanks, RJ... I do appreciate your comments. Some o deez other peeps is a little slow on the uptake.... they'll maybe wake up one day and notice that life is over! Done, son! You can't do it over! :)

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