Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vitali Klitschko Vs. Hasim Rahman?

I've got this image that won't ever leave my brain. I respect Vitali Klitscho and can see that he's gained in handspeed, balance, boxing skill, etc. but can't rid myself of the idea that he goes shopping for fights the way other people go shopping for tomatoes or cantaloupe. You pick the one that's ripe and ready to fall from the vine. Thinking like that made my eye catch on somebody's tech-savvy internet posting. Here's the quote verbatim:
You notice how when the Rock comes back with a big KO win Vitali suddenly gets a sudden injury/operation again?He's ducking a top level contender like the Rock and it gets more obvious all the time. The Rock would pwn him, LMAO.
It's fortunate that I recently had a course in geek-speak. The word "pwn" is geek-speak for "own." The acronym LMAO is a group of letters meaning "laughing my ass off." Remember, language is power. So is Hasim Rahman's overhand right which toppled Lennox Lewis to the canvas.
I so much like the idea of a Klitchko-Rahman fight that I'm learning Russian in the hope of being able to communicate it to Klitchko's managers.

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