Saturday, September 22, 2007

Maskaev's Nigerian Nightmare: Sam Peter Fight Cancelled

The reason given is a back injury. WBC Heavyweight Champion Oleg Maskaev disappointed Sam Peter by pulling out of the mandatory title defense with the Nigerian power puncher set for October 6. Adding weight to the suspicion that Maskaev is ducking Sam Peter was that Maskaev pushed to fight Vitali Klitscho instead of Sam Peter. The WBC made Maskaev fight Sam Peter instead, since Peter was the real deal and number one challenger.

Interestingly, Sam Peter's only loss was to Wladimir Klitscho, Vitali's successful brother. Maskaev remains an interesting fighter in spite of the five losses on his record. He beat Hasim Rahman in October of 2006 and has a lot of other competent names on his tally. But this doesn't look good for Maskaev and whomever he chooses to fight next, unless it's Sam Peter, will be diminished by the big looming shadow of the Nigerian Nightmare.

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