Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sam Peter Named New WBC Heavyweight Champion

And the new heavyweight champion is….

Samuel Peter became the World Boxing Council's interim heavyweight champion Monday after Oleg Maskaev dropped out of their Oct. 6 title fight with a back injury. The WBC awarded the title to him. That is only fair for Sam Peter who was anxious to throw down and deserved the shot, but what about me? Don’t I deserve a heavyweight belt? At running my mouth, if nothing else.

Meanwhile, Jermain Taylor hopes to break out of the perception that he’s a dull, uninspiring fighter. That’s not anything I believe, incidentally. Pavlik has lots of fans who like his head-on punching style. That’s not always such a good play against a guy as strong as Taylor is. Pavlik has hopes set high for a major upset due to his devastating KO of Edison Miranda.

It seems to me that Taylor has sometimes been over-anxious, tense, and sometimes defense-minded. Those aren’t capital offenses and part of the reason may be that many of the opponents he’s faced, (B-hop, for instance) were ring technicians. That’s not a sin, either. Ask Floyd Mayweather, Jr. as he waits for Ricky Hatton.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. began his campaign of psychological warfare against Hatton at yesterday’s press conference in New York. An Associated Press story about the press conference quotes Mayweather as saying that Castillo and Kostya Tzu were “over the hill’ when Hatton beat them. Hatton says he’s not intimidated and describes Mayweather’s lack of respect for him and others as a “lack of class.”

Let the games begin!

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