Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hasim "The Rock" Rahman Takes Care of Business

Why am I writing about Hasim Raham? I guess I'm motivated by the idiot sports writer who called the former heavyweight champ (KO'd Lennox Lewis) a "one-punch wonder." Yeah, right. The only "wonder" I have about that writer is if he ever climbed the steps into a boxing ring.

Anyway, Rahman took care of business last night at the Soaring Eagle in Michigan with a 2nd round KO of Dickie Ryan. So I guess that makes him a 2-punch wonder? In fact, Raham's knocked out 34 of his 43 opponents. The sportswriter who called him a "one-punch wonder" would probably get dropped from the air from one of Rahman's punches if he sat in the sixth row.

I met Rahman a couple of weeks ago when I accompanied trainer-coach-impresario Jesse Harris and fighter RJ Sockwell to King's Gym in Reading PA for some sparring sessions. I arrived too late to interview Rahman but I did get to shake his hand. I noticed two things:

  • Rahman's hand is huge, about the size of the two plastic casts of the fist they have up in the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota, NY. One of those belongs to Sonny Liston; the other to an old-school fighter of yore named Primo Carnera.

  • The other thing I like about Rahman was his plain, no-fooling clothing style. No bling. I do like bling, but there is a reason that Mike Tyson first showed up in the ring without fancy robes and boxing shoes. He was there to do the people's business.

Alright, that's my rap for the day. Comments anyone? The winner of the comments section gets to spar with the person I choose from the Jesse Harris Boxing Gym on Route 209, South of Stroudsburg. Peace out...

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