Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jesse Harris: The Second Coming

I was a little worried when Jesse Harris told me he was taking a fight in Newark about a week ago. I knew Harris would be formidable at any age, but Jesse already had a lot of fights under his belt, and I didn't want to risk seeing him get dumped like aging Chris Byrd.

Besides, Jesse is a great trainer with a considerable following. For me, he had nothing to prove. I'd learned a great deal of boxing knowledge from Jesse Harris, up close and personal. During a training exercise once, I rolled right when Jesse had told me to roll left to slip his right hand. Boom! In this grainy clip I've posted, dude, I feel your pain.

Jesse was a lot nicer to me than he was to this Garth fighter in the clip. Harris caught me on my way down and propped me up but I was out on my pins. Good night. It was like a car wreck.

I knew Jesse primarily as a boxer but he's kick-boxing afficionado and practitioner, too. So watch the big guy eat an overhead right thrown at a nice angle.

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