Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ESPN - Rahman, Toney agree to fight on July 16 - Boxing

ESPN - Rahman, Toney agree to fight on July 16 - Boxing It's true that Jame Toney and Hasim Rahman are in the twilight time of their boxing lives but this fight, just signed, stands out as one that may actually have unusual interest. James Toney has always been a talented fighter with the added interest of a mercurial personality. He was an absolute genius of a fighter at around 147 pounds where he started out. At heavyweight, he was a bit overblown but always attractive to me by force of his personality. Hasim Rahman is also interesting for a personality that reminds one of Sonny Liston (a nicer Sonny Liston) and for a big punch which felled a big tree named Lennox Lewis "back in the day." Rahman has not been as clever a fighter as Toney is; he is a bludgeoner, impossibly powerful, and very dangerous when he's on his game. This shapes up to be an old school fight of cagey veterans. I do confess a worry about the scales, however, and hope they don't have to bring out the truck scales for the weigh-in. That's about as well as I can express it. I just like both these guys, recognizing that they're not foremost on anyone's mind except for the few of us.

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