Friday, May 9, 2008

Pedone's Heavy Hitters - The Heavy Hitters

Pedone's Heavy Hitters - The Heavy Hitters There are some interesting clips on the web pages of Pedone's Heavy Hitters. Here are just a few. At the top, in the red shorts, is the guy called "the Ninja". He's tall and interesting because he comes to boxing from the white-collar world. Below that is the clip of Danny Sandoz winning the 106 lb. Pennsylvania Mid-Atlantic region championships in Allentown, PA. Lucas Robinson didn't make it to the end but earned a great deal of respect in a closely-timed series of battles. Click on the headline--that should get you there. On the other hand, you might think you could manage a round or two. Go to Brian's home page and sign up. There's also a link from there to the USA Boxing National Organization.

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