Friday, May 9, 2008

AFP: Nigeria's Peter to face Vitali but looking for Klitschko double

AFP: Nigeria's Peter to face Vitali but looking for Klitschko double There are lots of practical reasons to like Sam Peter in the just signed bout against Vitali Klitscho, but if there were none, I'd like Sam Peter anyway. The "Nigerian Nightmare" lived up to his name by dispatching a game Oleg Maskaev and has now signed to fight the brother of the Klitchko who won a UD against Sam Peter a while back. That's the way I tell the Klitchko brothers apart. There's Vladimir or Wladimir, the one who decisioned Sam Peter, and then there's Vitali, the one who quit while ahead and now wants a comeback. The comeback is likely to be short-lived. Sam Peter's been thwarted by boxing's many frustrations but now looks good to collect another title. Vitali gets tuned up and KO'd and then the stage is set for a rematch with Wladimir. Sam Peter deserves it. He's suffered in silence long enough, and the bout with Maskaev was long delayed when Maskaev claimed a back injury. Sam's a lot smarter than when he lost to Klitchscho the first time; he's always been strong, and a fairly quick heavyweight. Look for Sam Peter to collect the titles he deserves. He's the baddest heavyweight out there as of this moment. Too bad we have to wait until October for Vitali. And who knows how long before Wladimir? Maybe Sam Peter will be on Social Security by the time he gets a chance.

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I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.