Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Roy Jones Vs Felix Trinidad: Diamonds or Rust?

The January 19, 2008 upcoming match between Felix Trinidad and Roy Jones is hard to analyze for several reasons. Felix Trinidad last fought in May of 2005, and that one was a loss to ring technician Ronald “Winky” Wright. Trinidad’s only other loss was to Bernard Hopkins, another great technical fighter. In that one, Trinidad was TKOd in the 12th. With 44 fights at age 34, Trinidad ought to be able to get his body together enough to make a good showing against Roy Jones with 51 fights on his record. Jones, too, is at risk from Father Time. Jones, at least, has been busy with unanimous decisions over Prince Badi Adjamu in 2006 and Anthony Hanshaw in July of 2007. This was after 3 consecutive losses, two to Antonio Tarver and one to Glen Johnson.

I’m looking at Jones KO rate (a big 38), often at weights above his natural category. Truth to tell, I don’t know any more what Jones’ natural weight is. He started in the 154 pound class. Jones is like Jack the Giant Killer, having fought guys considerably bigger up to the 226 pound John Ruiz. It will be interesting to see if Jones’ body can take the ups and downs but I expect it will. Jones has shown by his activity he can still rock. He didn’t KO his last two opponents, it’s true, but maybe he needed the work. I’m going to go with the long range and unpredictable power shots of Roy Jones to win over Felix Trinidad.

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