Thursday, January 24, 2008

Roy Jones Triumphant as Golota Finds Redemption

Roy Jones Wins!

Golota the Gentleman

I’m back on my win streak. After a long drought when I failed to predict the outcomes of several boxing matches, I’m back on top with my prediction of a Jones win over Felix Trinidad. An ESPN boxing writer justifiably criticized Roy Jones for being careful in the early rounds but that’s what a good trainer would have suggested for a comeback fighter. In the end, it was strength and durability that won out, and Trinidad looked impressive in losing.

POLL RESULTS: I guess I can't crow about picking the correct results on this one. Everyone who voted picked Jones to win, also.

I didn’t see the Golota-Mollo fight but the Polish thug has always been one of my sentimental favorites. Golota makes all of us whiteboys look like a bunch of larcenous, out-of-control and reckless thugs striving to make things right in the end. We need that to stay humble and not feel morally superior as we hypocritically condemn those who grow up in difficult circumstances and neighborhoods. Hey, we behave like assholes, too! I’d match Andrew up with Tyson in that competition and Andrew might win that one although it’s more likely to be a draw. Anyway, I got to show some love for Andrew Golota.

Golota didn’t bite anyone, he didn’t quit, and he didn’t steal any wallets or cars. Even better, Andrew won in a grueling 12 rounder with a much younger opponent with one eye closed.

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