Sunday, January 6, 2008

Herman Ngoudju Defeats Malignaggi!

That's the headline that should have been but wasn't. My boxing reporter in Reno, Alias Rosetti, reports that Ngoudju was robbed and that he's never trusted decisions in AC. My lovely wife Christine thought the same and she's a fairly astute judge of boxing matches inasmuch as she's a disinterested third party. Christine did decide to cheer Ngoudju on, however, after watching the interviews.

Herman landed some long bombs and a few of them seemed to hurt Malignaggi. They certainly slowed him down and left him hanging on. Ngoudgu has a nice style and can hit from across the ring. Malignaggi appeared desperate at times. If Malignaggi had held on to Ngoudgu's arms any longer, you'd have expected him to plan a wedding. It's funny how most of the boxing websites called it wrong. The key difference here is that I thought Herman would give Malignaggi trouble--I didn't realize how much. The other key differences is that most of the other websites and sportswriters continue to call it wrong. It's called "copping an alibi" if you don't know.

Malignaggi had his moments. He's not a bad fighter. It doesn't bother me he doesn't have KO power. But the best I can see this fight from his side is a draw. That's being kinder than from friend from Nevada who called it Malignaggi's early Christmas gift.

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