Sunday, December 9, 2007


Who's that upside-down guy over there? A picture's worth a thousand words, they say. I won't be able to analyze the fight because I was too broke to come up with the fifty bucks and too busy to stay up until two a.m. Anyway, Floyd Mayweather Jr. analyzed it for me...with his fists.

A couple of boxers at the Jesse Harris Boxing Gym clued me in anyway. Jamal McKay and RJ had it right. The fight already had its history written even before it started. After getting sucked up in the hype about the Arturo Gatti vs. Floyd Mayweather match, I began to regard Hatton as the same sort of opponent that Gatti would be for Mayweather. Exciting in their own milieu, but not in the same league as PBF. While I had picked Mayweather to win that one, too, I believed that Gatti would force Mayweather to struggle. As it was, Floyd Jr. could have been fighting Gatti with his right hand, and someone else with his left.

Anyway, Ricky Hatton, buh-bye! I see that Lennox Lewis commented that Hatton should retire. I wonder if Floyd Jr. will retire now. If he does, I can understand it. Doesn't need the money. Established a dynasty. Goes down in history. I like the idea of an undefeated retired champion in four divisions. Gives the other boxers a standard to aim for. And good luck. Boxing is a hard sport. Why should Floyd Jr. hang around to wait for old age to claim a victory against him?

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