Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fox Sports Writer Jay Mohr Loses Mayweather vs. Hatton Fight

I feel a ramble coming on. Ricky Hatton wants to drop back down to a weight class where he can win. From here on it, it’s strictly the money train. And who can blame him? His fight with Mayweather proves he can’t hack it in the rarified air of boxing aristocracy.

Yes, Roger Mayweather was absolutely right in a 24/7 remark he made about gullibility. Uncle Roger was talking about the success of the Rocky movies and how Stallone got to make Rocky 1,2,3, etc…. He pointed out that it was the public’s fascination and love for fantasy.

“But now they’re going to fight. . And now he’s (Hatton) going to find out this is real,” said Roger.

Then he went on to say that Hatton would soon feel that he was thrown into a body of water filled with Piranha.

Roger doesn’t use the Queen’s English, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean he’s as stupid as Jay Mohr, the so-called sportswriter who engaged in demonizing trainer Roger Mayweather because of his informal language usage. It seems like Mohr couldn’t separate his own cultural fantasies from the realities of boxing. I’ve made a short list of some of the Jay Mohr said about the Mayweathers prior to the fight:

1) Mohr described Roger as a person “who looks and acts like an actual homeless person…”

2) Mohr said that a conversation between Floyd Sr. and Roger Mayweather would make “you think you were in line at a soup kitchen.”

3) Mohr said “Don King may be a crook, but at least he can form a sentence, grammar and all.” (the implication being that Roger cannot)

4) Mohr called Roger Mayweather an “uncle and resident psychopath.”

I guess Mohr really reveals himself when he says that Floyd Jr. “seems to really be underestimating Hatton. He has called him a "high-profile club fighter" who has repeatedly said that “Ricky Hatton is not in his league.” Isn’t that exactly what Hatton is? A likable and chubby high-profile club fighter? But Mohr’s true incompetence as a boxing writer and true cultural bigotry comes to the fore in his last statements about the fight.

I'm sure Hatton is indeed grateful (for the chance to fight Mayweather)l, but not nearly as grateful as the rest of us will be when he knocks Floyd on his pretty ass.”
Mohr dreams that “Ricky Hatton knocks out Floyd Mayweather… I wish I could see Floyd, crumbled on the canvas rolling around looking for his money.”

That's some pretty nasty stuff. Can one imagine Mohr directing venom of that type against his sycophants of the baseball diamond, his butthole surfer buddies of the gridiron?

I have dreams, too. I dream that Fox Sports fires Mohr or at least fires him from writing about boxing, a subject he knows next to nothing about. I dream of him coming down from the fucked planet he lives on and admitting that a man’s humanity and his boxing skills are not measured by the ordering of his grammar nor by the artificial posturing of a guy who tries to hide what he doesn’t know to begin with.

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AssWuppin said...

This was a thorough and truthful article. Mohr is an uninformed coward that clearly has insecurity issues.

Mohr, like many self righteous boxing fans have a problem with Floyd's flamboyant and showy ways, and have even likened it to the gangsta rap culture. What they fail to realize is that Floyd does not drink or do drugs, and he does not endorse the use of drugs or glorify them in any way.

Floyd has worked hard to actually EARN his position in life, which is more than I can say for Mohr's position as a sports writer.

Roger is a former world champion and a millionaire. He can provide for his family by making an honest living, whether he uses the Queens good english or not. He is an elite trainer that expounds much deeper insight into the sweet science than Mohr could ever hope to.

In my opinion, Mohr wrote that article with the same sentiment that "certain fans" have when they go to the movies to see a Rocky film: Swelled with bravado and pride ... not even realizing that they're not even dealing in reality. Yet they mouth off regardless as if it were.

Again, great article.