Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mayweather Vs. Hatton: Interview on Fox News -The Last Word

Emily Post may have another viewpoint on the Mayweather-Hatton fight but let's not mix cocktail party manners with boxing. I like Ricky Hatton well enough but the real aristocracy of boxing lies with the Mayweathers. Hatton supporters are legion and all of them point to the 43-0 record of their guy. I admit to being patriotic and want the crown jewels of boxing aristocracy to remain in America but my reasons for supporting a Mayweather victory are far more than that. To me, this is Ricky Hatton's first big fight. He beat Castillo when Castillo was a shot fighter. There's no one who thinks that the Castillo beaten by Ricky Hatton some months ago was the same guy who survived the Diego Corrales wars. There's no reason for anyone to be crowing about beating a Castillo who seemed to have followed Corrales into heaven and history. I busted a gut when I watched that 24-7 coverage in which Hatton ridiculed Mayweather's techniques with the punch mitts. Mayweather's sense of humor and triumph was evident as the poked at Hatton's 43-0 record. He said Hatton's record would be zero and 43 if his opponents were all Mayweathers. But then again, Hatton's and his people will be seeing lots of Mayweathers the whole night and my prediction is that Ricky Hatton will go back to his father's taproom seeing double and triple Mayweathers which, I hope, will not haunt his days for the rest of his life. Ricky Hatton's a tough fighter but a better target. When he scratches Mayweather's surface, he'll discover the beast of boxing's best.

Floyd, jr.! Call me! And now here's the Fox News interview just concluded:


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