Sunday, October 19, 2014

Russians Are Coming: Gennady GGG Golovkin Destroys Rubio

Last night’s boxing matches at Carson’s StubHub Center provided some sobering moments. For me, the sobering moment occurred when Donito Donaire went down on his face under the thunder of young Jamaican Nicholas Walters. I had “misoverestimated” (Yogi Berra word) Donaire, who make no excuses for himself  for having the “*# beat out of me” in  a higher weight class than he was meant for. That is not to ignore the power and skill of Walters.
Also sobering to fight promoters who have been studiously avoiding Team Golovkin was the devastating 2nd round KO of Marco Rubio (not the American politician) in front of an overfilled stadium in Carson.  The outcome was going to be the outcome, but I didn’t expect it to come so early, even though most of Golovkin’s opponents have been very sent home in time to do some night clubbing. 
Boxing promoters like to hear themselves talking and what they have for too long been talking about is how Golovkin was somehow not up to American boxing standards.  The reason for this canard (that means “lie) is because they want so badly to keep their golden boys, their money machines, their fighting ATMs from being lowered in rank by a guy who is a devastating and intuitive puncher. Aiding promoter delusion is the trope (like politician-speak) is that Golovkin came from some weird country (Kazakhstan) “over there” that they can’t pronounce. 
Now, these promoters have become laughing stocks, as no one believes in their fighters, not while happy-go-lucky Golovkin goes around like a wrecking ball, demolishing the fortress minded boxing establishment.

The only established guy who has any balls in all this is Andre Ward, a superior middleweight by any definition.  Everyone else HBO interviewed about a possible Golovkin fight tried to change the conversation to a discussion of the weather. Ward and his people stepped up and said, yeah, they’d fight Golovkin which shows that they are both smart and brave. Ward is the ONLY guy out there who could beat Golovkin and that is because he is the right combination of punching, ring smarts, and technique. He’s like a B-hop without the age bracket around his neck. 

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