Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rabbi Foreman Loses Title to Mourning Miguel Cotto

I like both these fighters, and I have a bitter feeling about Cotto's loss to Margarito. I fear Cotto took an unnecessary beating from Margarito who may have stored plaster in his gloves.

But I didn't expect Foreman to last so long against Miguel Cotto, who was mourning the death of his father, but has tremendous heart and coping skills.

According to the New York Times (not coverage I usually read but not bad, on the whole) story, Foreman stayed even with Cotto, who had gone up a weight class to take Foreman's title.

Foreman gets considerable street cred for his travails and his life's tale. Too bad he had to leave Israel to get proper gym time. That's too bad. Word to Bibi--support a boxing program. He went to New York and worked in the garment district for $200 bucks a week, according to the NYT.

Foreman was interviewed on Fox News a day before the fight. It wasn't the most exciting interview because the geeky guy who interviewed Foreman made the usual trite noises that TV people do when interviewing boxers. But Foreman was affable, a bit reticent, as he told his story in brief.

Seems like a win-win for Miguel Cotto, for Yuri Foreman, for Yankee Stadium. The ninth round TKO came as a surprise when Foreman slipped and aggravated an existing leg injury. Unable to move on his legs, Cotto did what he was supposed to do, crushing his opponent and ending the fight.

I like one of the refreshingly honest quotes from Foreman after the fight. Foreman didn't take a knee in talking about the leg injury (made no excuses in other words)

"“I’m a world champion,“And now, I’m a former world champion. But when you have a title, you never quit. I didn’t want it to be stopped.”

The quote is from the New York Times, story by Greg Bishop. The link is provided in the text and the article is well worth reading.

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