Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Floyd Mayweather Fighting Manny Pacquaio in November?

That's what Larry Merchant is saying anyway, and he says he has some sources for expressing that opinion. According to Merchant, Pacquiao is accepting Mayweather's terms for steroid and similar testing 14 days before a scheduled fight.

This needs to happen because PacMan didn't look so hot fighting a sluggish Joshua Clottey recently. Clottey seemed as if were worried about catching germ from Manny Pacquaio so infrequently did he punch at his opponent.

Clottey was content to protect himself and try the occasional KO punch but even seemed to lack enthusiasm for that. I think Mayweather's far the better fighter, and his showing against Sugar Shane Mosely proved he had a chin.

So....this fight has to come off because there is no alternative to Mayweather and it's the fight everyone wants to see. My prediction, unfortunately, is that Pacquiao's people are playing with perceptions, and that they'll find some reason for the fight to take place.

So whom would you believe? Me or Larry Merchant? (Don't answer that one.)

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