Friday, August 14, 2009

Golden Boy Promotions Hosts ESPN Friday Night Fights with RJ Sockwell

:: Golden Boy Promotions Inc. ::Golden Boy Boxing is promoting a fight card tonight featuring the one and only R. J. Sockwell vs. Martin Vierra. R.J has a 4 and 0 record with three KOs but, of course, the peeps at BoxRec have mixed up the name and posted Vierra's opponent as Robert Stockwell. It's an easy mistake to make, but poor Vierra--he thinks he's going to fight a guy with an oh and oh record.

Vivian Harris is at the top of the card at the Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, Arizona. Also featured on the card is Philadelphia' Danny Garcia with a no-loss record and lots of KOs.

Keith Thurmond, up from Florida, is also a guy to watch. There are a couple of females on the card, too, and they're probably happy that Women's Boxing is back at the next Olympics.

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who won?