Friday, August 7, 2009

Alfredo Angulo Rises up from Cintron Loss

David Rosetti and I visited with Kermit "killer" Cintron at the Hall of Fame Induction weekend at Canistota New York. Cintron was just off a stunning victory over tough Alfredo Angulo so recently that one side of his face store showed bruising. That was a great comeback for Cintron, a Pennsylvania boy who got his start in nearby Reading, PA. Ya gotta' love your local boys and Cintron is a 1st class gentleman, soft-spoken and sincere outside the ring. His tee-shirt has it right--life is a fight.

Lots of fight fans favored Angulo to win but it didn't turn out that way, so then it was Angulo's turn to stage a comeback fight. He told the ESNPN interview he was going to bring it and that's exactly what he did when he faced Gabriel Rosado.

Philadelphia boxer Gabriel Rosado wasn't paying attention in a half clinch with Alfredo Angulo in their Friday Night Fights Match on ESPN August 7. Both fighters had a hand free but Angulo fired a bomb that sent Rosado to the canvas. Rosado protested the knockdown and seemed okay but was distracted as Angulo closed in,determined to crush his opponent. Referees tell boxer to "protect yourself at all times" and that's advice that Rosada should have followed. Another crashing right hand put him to the canvas a second time. At that point, Rosado was wobbly, an impression that didn't escape Angulo's notice.

Angulo wasn't going to be nudged out of the game, not by a long shot. A third knockdown and the referee decided against a continuation. Rosado wasn't happy, but his chances of surviving were pretty slim.
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Anonymous said...

Angulo kicked some ass

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Angulo = overrated