Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Get That Multi-Million Dollar Job: Help Wanted in Heavyweight Division

Yesterday, I watched the Heavyweight boxing match between returning Vitali Klitschko and a certain Cuban Cruiserweight Mr. Gomez and I wondered why no one is applying for the job of Heavyweight champion of the world.

The ranks in the lighter weight classes are brimming with talent, but the Heavyweights of our era are clumsy behemoths who prefer the bludgeon to the scalpel. I'm not one of those people who doesn't appreciate the Kitchscko brothers, and their varied talents and interests. As boxers, they're not bad. But what irritates me in the Heavyweight ranks is that there is a lack of brilliance in the division.

In yesterday's match, Gomez was a beefed up Cruiserweight who took a shellacking at the hands of a six foot seven inch mesomorph with a powerful right hand. The best you could say of Gomez is that he was tough and brave and tried his damndest to make a fight out of it, largely without any special talent. He was a strong guy and tried to get close but was battered in every attempt. Gomez fought with his head straight up most of the time, didn't attack the body, and marched forward to deliver an occasional power shot, most of which fell short of the taller man's head.

There was a paucity of jabs from both boxers, who pawed at each other's forward hands to create openings. That's a legitimate tactic when you have a southpaw in the mix but you've got to have a real jab, too, if only to please the purists if not to hurt your opponent with it.

So Kitschko won, stopping the smaller guy within 9 rounds and I was glad for the end. Klitschko did pretty well for his tuneup, and the big question is what was the tuneup for? If there is to be a battle of behemoths, then he might fight Valuev. However, the safer choice for Klitchko's return may be Maskaev, another case where the tall stature and size may figure greatly.

I'm just wondering why there are such few applicants to the million dollar job. Surely, there's someone out there. Help wanted: Heavyweight Division.


Anonymous said...

I think both klitchko brothers want valuev.. he is sort of a joke and the klitchko's want to unify the belts.. valuev should not even have the belt because he lost to holyfield.. when i look at american heavyweights and I see chris arreola as the top dog, i don't see anyone stopping either klitchko.. like you said they are 6'7" bohemoths who do have some skills.. i think its going to be a long time to get another ali, or holmes, or tyson..

moeursalen said...

I saw Arreola KO an out-of-shape Jameel McCline this weekend. Arreola's got some cred in the way he pushes close. And I like the way he shoots the left underneath and then follows with this xtreme overhand right at this really bizarre angle. Arreola has the right attitude and he's a very rough boy. He needs some polish, though.... and who knows how he'll react if he gets pole-axed by Klitchko. He took some good left hooks from McCline, though...