Monday, March 2, 2009

ESPN Friday Night Fights: Glen Johnson Conquers Daniel Judah (again)

It was the classic Glen Johnson script. The man on a hinge bobbed and weaved, slipped and punched with the precision of a fighting machine. In the end, there was no doubt as to the outcome as Johnson had a bit to much for the game Judah. Judah fought the wrong fight much of the time and was unable to use his height or to keep Johnson away.

Johnson is either age 40 or pushing it but age hasn't caught up with him. I wish, therefore, that Chad Dawson had taken a rematch with Road Warrior Glen Johnson instead of taking the easy fight against Antonio Tarver. I have great respect for Tarver, but he's already accomplished what he would as a fighter and it's time for him to geton with it.

Johnson is the people's champion and, if Dawson is to be really "bad Chad" instead of "half-bad-Chad", he's got to get to Johnson before old age does.

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