Friday, November 21, 2008

Danny Sandoz' Dominating Performance at Sherman Theatre Boxing Show

No pictures available since I was the fight announcer, but then again, I was close to the action as Danny Sandoz at 115 lbs swarmed over opponent Joes Martinez of Harrisburg Boxing in the last event. Danny has always been a talented boxer and a student of the game, but it’s sometimes hard for him to get sparring with people at that weight class. The result is that Danny has mostly had to spar with immensely bigger sparring partners. It’s something most of us wouldn’t want to do but it comes with the turf when you’re in that weight class.

A key difference in this match was that Danny managed to get some good sparring in with Giovanni Acosta, who weighs in at 132 lbs. That’s still a significant weight difference but it’s better than sparring with middleweights.

Danny was a switched on fighter as he came forward firing punches from all angles for three rounds. It was a dominating performance, and Sandoz said later he wasn’t taking any chances. Danny’s got a great win record but has sometimes boxed more cautiously than he did at the November 8 match with Martinez.

Martinez was strong and landed an occasional power shot but was frustrated and missed with a lot of his punches. Meanwhile, it must have felt, from Martinez’ side, that he’d been overmatched. Martinez seemed not to have an answer for Sandoz’ relentless barrage and elusive movement.

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