Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boxing Returns to Sherman Theatre in Stroudsburg: Pedone's Heavy Hitters Host Tournament

Amateur boxing returned to the Sherman Theatre November 8 hosted by Brian Pedone’s Heavy Hitters Gym of Stroudsburg. There were 15 scheduled bouts scheduled in weight classes ranging from the 110 pound class to a super-heavyweight division—upward of 201 pounds. The overall event was successful and there was lively audience interest in the show. Boxing fans are the most passionate of all fans in any sport, and that is often a mixed blessing. In any case, I don’t have time to cover each individual bout but I’d like to mention some of the highlights. We had great participation from boxing clubs both inside and outside the Middle Atlantic Region. We’re grateful to the coaches who made such a great effort in getting their boxers to the event. Unless you know the sport from inside, you have no idea how much time, effort, dedication, and money it costs to get your boxers prepared for the ring. Ring referee Wendell Holmes deserves a shout-out for great officiating and a long trip far away from home. And Dr. Dunleavy. And Brianne Schanenberger. And Christi-Christi. And Katie-Katie. And the sound guys from the Sherman Theatre. Middle Atlantic officials were also a great help in getting our show on the road. So…the highlights….

Brian Pedone’s Heavy Hitters didn’t have a dog in every fight. In the fifth bout, Jack Buchinsky represented Extreme Fitness Gym of Wilkes-Barre in the super-heavyweight division against Anthony Morrison of Fast Lane Boxing of West Philadelphia. The Great Zahir always brings it whenever he comes to town. The Bruiserweight Morrison cranked up his game to land thudding blows against the advancing and very durable Buchinsky. Buchinsky had some new stuff as he began to dominate in the second and third rounds, landing short hard punches inside and a crashing left hook that might have crushed rock. Buchinsky prevailed in this battle of the big dogs. I’d have no interest in fighting either man. I'm too little and too scared.

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