Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tony Thompson (boxer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tony Thompson (boxer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis is the guy. There are lots of Tony Thompsons and I spent a long time looking around to find the one set to fight Vladimir Klitschko on Saturday. A recent Washington Post story said that Thompson had victories over a bunch of unknowns, implying that he is not a credible opponent for Klitschko. That's typical of the boxing writing one finds in the Washington Post. Thompson fought Dominic Guinn, Maurice Harris, and a bunch of other big heavyweights who could launch you into the 20th row with a single punch. Granted, they were not the top-tier heavyweights of an earlier era when the heavyweight ranks were thick with talent, but these guys are hardly the dogs of boxing. I've met a few of them and watched them spar. I saw Maurice Harris with Hasim Rachman at Marshall Kaufmann's Reading Gym. I've seen Dominic Guinn a number of times on TV. These are up and down fighters but, like Hasim Rachman, could be the Heavyweight Champion of the world on a given night. Anyway, that's my rant for the day.

I'd like to see Thompson do well against Klitscho but it's clear that Klitchko picked him as a safe opponent. Over there in the wings lurks the real danger to the heavyweight ranks: Sam Peter, the Night Train or Nigerian Nightmare, variously called.


moeursalen said...

Yeah, and the winner is Vladimir! But it took him 11 rounds to get rid of a guy who says that boxing isn't his favorite sport.

Sam Peter revisited...that's the one I'd like to watch.

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