Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Associated Press: Mayweather Jr. accuses HBO announcers of bias

The Associated Press: Mayweather Jr. accuses HBO announcers of biasThis is interesting and Mayweather has the right to speak his mind. I don't know about the announcers he's referring to but I've heard a great deal of praise from every quarter for Mayweather. And not as much as Mayweather believes for Pavlik.

Of course, there has been an evolution of sorts in the GWH mythology. While that was once real, currently it's not. There is instead an element of surprise when a guy like Pavlik does so well, and then the issue becomes is Pavlik the Whiteboy authentic? There's no doubt in my mind that Pavlik's authentic. And so is Mayweather, definitely. But there may be a little bit of truth to Mayweather's indictment--there is a tendency to go overboard with the Ricky Hattons and the Paulie Malignaggis of the world. So is it marketability or racism? And if whiteboys can be propped up with easy records and put on television to be commented upon enthusiastically while better fighters suffer in the ghetto, then there is something wrong. But I think, eventually, the imbalance is cancelled out. You can only go so far in the ring with a padded record. Eventually, there will be an exposure of the canard, usually a cruel one, a shutout or a mat dive facefirst.

The interesting thing is that Mayweather notes praise of Hispanic fighters, too. Yet, Hispanic fighters might also feel that they are an inchoate mob of unheralded boxers. And what about those Azerbaijanis?... Have you ever heard an HBO announcer get carried away with them?

Personally, I'm a loyal Whiteboy Mayweather fan. But I have no problem understanding how Mayweather rubs people the wrong way. Isn't he doing it on purpose? That was my impression, anyway. But he must be uncomfortable deep down or why would he say such a thing? How can a guy with a perfect record and no serious boxing detractors worry about what some chump from HBO thinks anyhow?

But it's interesting.... What do you think?

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