Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pedone's Heavy Hitters to Fight in PA Golden Gloves

Pennsylvania Central Championship Golden Gloves kicks off in Palo Alto Pennsylvania Friday, March 14th. There will be four fighters scheduled from Brian Pedone's Heavy Hitters Gym. Pictured here are some of Pedone's Heavy Hands fighters from the Stroudsburg area. That's Luke "Six Hands" in the red shirt. Luke's set for his fourth match and many people have noticed the big improvement. Look for surprises as his converted (and current) martial artist has working his punching power. That's slick Danny Sandoz with the punch mitts. We're keeping Danny in the shade until fight time. Expect to see a fluid style and punches in bunches as the elusive 106 pounder bangs out a message.

Ninji likes a 21 foot ring but he'll have to settle for whatever. Anyway, he's gotten used to the 14 foot ring at Pedone's Heavy Hitters Gym on Ann Street in Stroudsburg. That means he can hit across the ring without even moving his feet. Ninji is brand new, looking forward to his first fight. Look for the long guns.


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