Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton Kicks Ass: The Kelly Pavlik Effect

I call it the Kelly Pavlik effect. A few days ago, when all was lost and the wide sweep of the press had Hillary KO’d in the early rounds, I turned to my wife and fellow boxing fan.

“Who’s that guy beside Hillary on stage? Doesn’t it look like Kelly Pavlik?”

It was indeed, and the impact of Kelly Pavlik on Hillary Clinton's Ohio win can't be underestimated in blue-collar and gritty Youngstown, OH. It was just the connection Hillary needed to make the case that, if she wasn't one of them, she at least really did know where the people of Youngstown were coming from and where they wanted to go. Like Hillary Clinton, Ohio wants to go straight to the top.

It is likely that congresswoman Stephanie Jones-Tubbs was another of Clinton's key cornermen (cornerwomen?. Jones-Tubbs short speech a week before the Ohio primaries was level, loyal, a punch landed straight to the chops of those many disloyal Democrats who abandoned Hillary Clinton in favor of smoke, lofty oratory, and irresponsible promises.

Look for Congresswoman Jones-Tubbs to be animated and kickin' in the 12th and final round, which will be fought against the great Republican Nominee John McCain.

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