Monday, September 16, 2013

Nevada boxing boss defends judge in Mayweather fight

Nevada boxing boss defends judge in Mayweather fight

The link above connects to the comments and opinion of a Nevada Boxing Commission chief who defended the scoring of judge C.J Ross in the Mayweather vs. Alvarez fight this past weekend. Ross had is scored an even match, a draw.

Everyone now is asking the obvious question. How could anyone score the fight a draw?

In the early rounds, Canelo kept the fight competitive and had some scoring flurries so you might have given him a couple of rounds there if you were generous and liked the style, the red hair, the appearance of aggression.

Some judges and spectators simply like a guy who appears to trudge forward in a menacing fashion. It wouldn't be fair to say that was all Alvarez was capable of doing because he's an excellent boxer, too, with quick hands, serious power, and as much savoir as a 23 year old could have against an accomplished veteran like Mayweather.

But there is aggression and the appearance of agression. To me, Mayweather was the more effective aggressor because the idea of aggression is to break your opponent down and get him under control. If that involves taking a step back or sideways before delivering your combinations, then you do that.

And Mayweather did exactly that, again and again, at will, and if you think Canelo's big punches that didn't land or ever freeze Mayweather were a reason to award scoring points, then you don't belong as a judge on the Nevada SAC.

After 4 or five rounds, Mayweather had the measure of his man and drilled him repeatedly with punches that would have dropped a lesser man than the young Alvarez.

In short, the "draw" judge was b.s. and should be removed. As for the idiotic justifications by the Nevada Athletic Commission bureaucrat, he should be removed too for insulting the intelligence of the fan-in-the-street.

  No way was the fight a draw.    And no way was C.J. Ross a judge of boxing.

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