Sunday, September 9, 2012

Andre Ward KOs Chad Dawson in 10th round - Home » Other Sections » Breaking News

Andre Ward KOs Chad Dawson in 10th round - Home » Other Sections » Breaking News

Before seeing Andre Ward knocking out "Bad" Chad Dawson in the 10th round Saturday night, I had read a "Ringside Report" story covering the pre-fight interviews. What Andre Ward had to say about the upcoming fight resonated with me, though it had little to do with Chad Dawson:

"The biggest talk comes from individuals who have never laced on a pair
of gloves in their life."

So far as I'm concerned, that statement can't be uttered often enough. I've been in the ring as an amateur and my "career" rating would range from "not much" to "maybe never." G'head, laugh if you want to, but if you've ever climbed into the ropes to face some guy you never met or maybe one you did, you know it ain't all that easy even at the lowest rungs of the boxing ladder.

Well, I'm a boxing loser alright, but not so much a loser as those people Andre Ward was talking about--"individuals who have never laced on pair of gloves in their life." I hear those people going on and on fo-evah about how so-and-so's a "bum" and how he "laid down" or wasn't in the top tier or wha'evah!... Fact is such people don't know what it feels like in there to be out on your feet and trying to fight back.

Usually, they are the same people who think a fight is boring if it goes to a decision, as if all those punches were pitty-pats that they could easily have stood up to. Yeah, well those pitty-pats could launch such people out into the 17th row, especially if they came from a fighter with some much ring smarts, poise, and talent as Andre Ward.

So the rap on Ward was that he had no KO punch--which is a joke on many levels. There are guys who just don't go down. You can hit them with a .45 cal and they'll still be standing there winging punches at you. Ask Jake LaMotta. You can even find them in amateur gyms. I knew one Manny Diaz who could take such a beating from name pros without ever going down and with no chance of winning.

Anyway, Andre Ward is great. Chad Dawson was no chump, a terrific fighter with a solid chin, and he goes down in the 10th. Jes' sayin' ..... have a little respect for the sport. I do. At least I proved I can take a beating. That's important in life, you know, that you can take a beating and keep on ticking.

Andre Ward KOs Chad Dawson in 10th round - Home » Other Sections » Breaking News

All praise to Andre Ward. Much respect to Chad Dawson.

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