Saturday, July 16, 2011

Delvin Rodriguez Most Robbed Boxer of Year on Friday Night Fights

I've been away from the boxing gyms for rather a long time but the sport is still dear to my heart. Last night, on FNF, Delvin Rodriguez accomplished what few imagined. He beat Pawel Wolak in a ten-rounder that qualifies for Fight of the Year.

One problem--the decision was political. One judge had Delvin Rodriguez the clear winner, while two others worked together on the same score card to make it a majority draw.

For the two "draw" judges, it was a kumbaya decision, one that will allow the New York fans to swell with pride at their local hero, Pawel Wolak, who truly is an inspired fighter, but not a boxer, not when you've got to face the slick skills and solid punching power of a guy much smaller than himself.

The weird thing is that everyone goes along with it. It's like the boxing version of a happy ending. Here's what I posted on Dan Rafael's ESPN2 site before the fight occurred:

"I like Teddy Atlas. I like Pawel Wolak. But Delvin Rodriguez clearly won the fight and those 2 judges who scored it a draw probably watched too many "Rocky" movies.

Rodriguez hardly got hit as he rolled with punches all way way, like you're supposed to when you're faced with a rushing bull like Wolak. So Lederman and the other schmuck judge were impressed by the bull in the china-shop what? Delvin scored often and accurately with combinations and, for those who understand anything about boxing, he did what you're supposed to do with guy who gives you the bum's rush.

Wolak is a man of iron will and steady heart, definitely, but his haymarket square style was outslicked and outfought. This was boxing politics with the same butt-kissing required that kills boxing.

All the more bitter after Teddy Atlas et al spent the whole night talking about the bad judging for Paul Williams vs. Erlandy (sp). Atlas had Rodriguez winning by one round, though he played politicis when he said there there was nothing wrong with the judging.

There was a lot wrong with the judging. It was strictly "boxing establishment" judging and Julie Lederman's connections, and a desire to have an entertaing sequel. These ppl think they're helping boxing but they're killing it. And they're killing the hearts of great fighters like Delivin Rodriguez, who have all the skills, all the heart, and talent the way boxing is supposed to be.

What were Lederman and the other judge doing--watching each other's score cards? Please, Teddy know this game.... let's not have these kumbaya decisions. "

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