Saturday, October 9, 2010

Robert Guerrero Talks Escobedo, Marquez-Katsidis, More - Boxing News

Robert Guerrero Talks Escobedo, Marquez-Katsidis, More - Boxing News... Here's a fighter con caractere.... Robert Guerrero. I've been following him since he started. He's from Gilroy, not far from where one of my sisters lives. He's a family favorite with my crazy bro-in-law's family, too--they from Nevada and So. Cal.

Guerrero was on his way to the Big Title Belt in the Sky when his wife became grievously ill and he stopped fighting to take care of his family. That's character. I'm not sure I would have done the same. Of course, in my case, I have no boxing talent. Up with the real fighters, the only thing I learned about myself was that I could take a beating.

At some point, I figured out that wasn't the object of boxing. You were supposed to be better than all the other guys. Anyway, this is about Guerrero.

He's coming to the East Coast (New Jersey) on November 6. He's one tough hombre, a little wiry guy with great heart, a good chin, and skills. I can't imagine being out of boxing for so long and making a comeback but Guerrero has lots of shine. His last victor was over Joel Casamayor and everyone knows he was not boxing dunce.

Anyway, be there for Guerrero, "the Ghost." You'll like him lots.

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