Monday, May 3, 2010

Mayweather Passes Truth Test Against Mosely

I taped it but can't watch it again--too painful. But I don't regret spending the $65 bucks to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. survive a near KO in the 2nd round and then deliver a masterful, courageous performance which quashed Shane Mosely's dream of an undisputed championship in the world of boxing.

Mosely's great, but he didn't have anything but a puncher's chance against the counter-punching intelligence and speed of Mayweather Jr. Not that night, and not likely ever again. I hope Shane Mosely goes into a graceful retirement--he was a greater fighter than the world gave him credit for. It wasn't his time, or he didn't play the predictable game of taking the easy fights to build up his record. People who know him know he is destined to go down among the greats of boxing, and I hope to be there when Shane Mosely is inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canistota,New York.

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