Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mosely Says Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Dead Even

Doghouse boxing interviewed Shane Mosely about Pacman and Floyd Jr. and asked him which of the two was the better boxer.

"I am," said Mosely.

He may have a point there. Mosely had 2 losses to Vernon Forrest, 2 to Winky Wright, and 1 to Miguel Cotto. I can't remember the one with Cotto but it's likely Mosely was lured into a punching match at close range. Mosley's losses to Wright and Forrest were "technical." By that I mean they went the full 12 rounds and went to a decision, which tells me he's got a solid chin. Cotto couldn't knock him out either and that one went to a decision.

Judging by the Mayorga fight and then later the demolition of Margarito, its likely that we're looking at a different Shane Mosely. Mosely's attack on Margarito was merciless, a bombardment of monuymental proportions at a time when everybody believed Margarito was invincible.

It was the plaster gloves that were invincible, unfortunately. So I think Mosely may be the best fighter of all, in spite of his 5 losses. He's 38 now, and if not for errors of strategy,and advancing age, few people would argue with that.

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