Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let the Games Begin: Pacquio Vs. Mayweather

The Pacuiao - Cotto fight had a scripted ending. I've always liked Cotto but Manny Pacquiao was riding the crest of a wave. His triumphs in the boxing ring raised him to godly heights, and his resilience in bouncing back from disappointments guided his path to future conquest.

I'm angry with Antonio Margarito for putting a question mark or shadow over Cotto's career. We'll never know whether the gloves were loaded but it is likely they were, making the Cotto defeat even more tragic. That's not to say that Pacquiao wouldn't have won against Cotto anyway. Pacquiao is a superb competitor with a take-no-prisoners attitude. His boxing skills, ring savvy, and control of physical space have developed to a point where Floyd Mayweather Jr. has to be thinking about Pacquiao in the way an up-coming new and hungry fighter thinks about his first chance at a title.

Mayweather, of course, is a great champion. Beneath the obligatory flamboyance, trash talking, and in-your-face attitude demanded by a peculiar boxing tradition, Mayweather is as far better guy than the media gives him credit for. But that works in his favor, too, and builds the gate for another Superfight.

There is also another thing "beneath it all," and it is that Mayweather has the seasoning not only of his own generation of fighters--he has the seasoning of several generations. In spite of whatever public shenanigans he's planning to amuse himself and fight fans, expect Mayweather to be as serious beneath it all as the soldier who marches at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Anonymous said...

hopefully that dirtbag bob arum can make it happen.. and mayweather needs to make it happen too..

Anonymous said...

I can't stand mayweather but I do admit that he is one of the great ones...the way I see it, they both have the speed..I think they are equal in that department...They both have great boxing skills...pacman being more of an akward fighter who punches in weird angles that the opponents can't see and mayweather having great defense and being allusive, so in that department they seemed to be evenly matched..as for their chins..we know pacman can take a punch but we don't know if mayweather can since no body who has fought him never hit him flush enough to do damage..that just goes to show how great of boxer/technician he is..so in that department I am not sure....as for the power, I think pacman got mayweather beat...It just seems like pacman's power is increasing with each fight...I know mayweather knock out hatton but pacman put hatton to sleep with one punch so I would have to give the advantage to pacman, that being said overall my prediction is that Pacman will get to mayweather in later rounds...I don't think there will be a knock out even though one can never be sure, pacman by majority decision...honestly I would like to see pacman put mayweather to sleep for several minutes but I don't think that will happen..I guess we will have to see...can't wait.