Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacquiao KOs Hatton--Who Knew?

I did, and so did a lot of other people. I didn't pay for the fight and didn't see it yet but Hatton is unidirectional. He could probably beat a guy who just stood there and didn't punch back. Punching back against Pacquiao was probably a little bit like punching a puff of smoke. In this case, the smoke punched back. If you've seen Manny Pacquiao fight, you've seen he is capable of volcanic explosion.

If you looked at the Hatton-Mayweather fight, you would see Hatton lunging toward Mayweather in a corner. In my memory, I keep thinking I see Mayweather grinning. Then boom, it's over!

Freddie Roach must have seen Mayweather grinning before he knocked Hatton out. In the pre-fight hoopla, I saw Freddie Roach grinning, too. And this time I wasn't day-dreaming.

I'm glad Ricky Hatton made 7 or 8 million from the fight. Not bad for what Mayweather calls a good "class-B fighter."

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Anonymous said...

I knew the hitman would lose, but not that bad... Sometimes i don't know how he beat kosta tzu and destroyed castillo.. he even beat luis callazo even though it was controversal he still beat him.. and callazo in my opinion should have got the decision against adre berto, so that shows how good callazo is.. and the hitman easily beat mallinagi, who isn't that great but had a belt..hatton beat some good fighters, but he will never beat the best, i think its time for him to retire