Monday, April 6, 2009

King, McCain seek pardon for boxer Jack Johnson --

King, McCain seek pardon for boxer Jack Johnson -- Newsday.comArizona Senator John McCain's been involved with boxing for a long time. He boxed for the Naval academy before he entered the Naval Air Corps. I learned something new in reading this story. I knew "of" Peter King, from New York and rather liked him. What I didn't know about was his own involvement in boxing.

Jack Johnson was one of the most riveting figures in boxing history and his prosecution under the Mann Act was the direct result of WAIC, that dangerous affliction of people unwilling to face the facts. In his prime, Johnson was the best American fighter around. I've always thought of him as the "inventor" of modern boxing. Before Johnson, boxers always moved around the ring straight up in the manner of robots.

A little boxing history there, kids. And if you get a chance to read about an interesting time in boxing history, read an autiobiography or two about Jack Johnson. You'd be in danger of learning something...

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