Monday, February 23, 2009

James Moore Lacing Up

 Moore seems to have faded from the boxing scene and looked like a shadow of his former self during his last outing. Is he overmatched, or was it his recent marriage that affected him? I guess that's cruel...and misognyny, too...SAT Word!.... But I always liked the guy and hope he can make a comeback.
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boxercp said...

James is a great guy and a gentleman. I am a big fan and I go to his fights in NYC whenever he's on. Sadly he is not the same aggressive boxer he once was. His recent bout at the Plattdeutsche on Long Island showed it. He no longer hooks to the body with ferocity like he did back when. He didn't go to the body at all that night and appeared to not be able to handle the incoming blows. His legs looked tired and he lacked power. I hope he doesn't get hurt. James really is a great guy and I love his fans alike. But it may be time to let it go.