Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shane Mosely Deserves the Big Money Fight

Friday Night Fights had Brian Kenney with Shane Mosely last night and, of course, everyone wanted to know about the business of the gloves. Mosely rightly absolved the boxer and said that only the trainers should be held accountable. He told Kenney that Margarito had hand problems which required a "special" wrap. Just how special, we don't know, but the California Athletic Commission is looking into it and both Margarito and his Corner have been suspended.

So Mosely's at the top of the welterweights, just where he should be, given his performance against Margarito. And looking around for oppponents. There are only two obvious places to look: the retired Mayweather or the active genius of Manny Pacquaio.

I'd like to see Mayweather lured out of retirement, but that would have to be like right now. Waiting until Mosely gets older is not going to endear him to fans.

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