Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brianne, Christi, and Danielle

Asin many other areas, it's sometimes more difficult for women. In amateur boxing, it's sometimes difficult to find match-ups for women simply because there are fewer of them. We're hoping to have a match-up for Danielle (in black pants, white shirt) but it's never assured. Brianne (in reddish shirt) is instrumental in producing the November 8 boxing show at the Sherman theatre. She's co-organizer of the event and works in publicity and--oh, yeah--she boxes, too. Christi (pictured working the speed bag) is a newcomer to boxing and will not be boxing. Not yet, anyway. She's a well-conditioned athlete who punches harder than you'd believe. She'll lump you up, son, and I ain't lyin'.
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Christy Brunner said...

i love it!! i showed it to my dad and he has been telling everyone about it. thank you

ChristY* :)

fit-box said...

women in boxing - really nice post, great photos, will link with love