Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sam Peter Signs to Fight Klitchko? Which One?

Peter to tangle with V. Klitschko in Berlin on Oct. 11 - Boxing - MMA, Results, NewsFinally, the glacier budges and Sam Peter gets a chance to fight a Klitchko on October 11 in Berlin. I've been a long-time fan of the Nigerian "Nightmare" and pick him to KO Vitali. So which one is that? That's the one trying for a comeback which hardly ever seems to materialize. He has had health problems, they say, and who am I to dispute it. I imagine he will have health problems again after he fights Sam Peter who, right now, should be at the top of his game.

After he beats Vitali, I hope that brother Wladimir does not keep the Nigeria too long in the foyer before he grants him a rematch. Wladimir beat Peter in 2005--Peter's only loss--and Wladimir has given him a wide berth ever since. I saw the fight--Wladimir won--but Peter had his moments. What's different now? Sam Peter was still learning in those days; he lacked the flexibility and finesse which comes with experience. He thought he could get rid of Wladimir by power alone. I expect Sam will not let the opportunity for the Heavyweight Championship slip through his hands this time. Klitchko hasn't changed his game much since learning he could throw hard punches long and backpedal his way to victory.

I like the Klitschkos, but I like Sam Peter more. He deserves a second meeting. I hope the Berlin judges give him an equitable hearing. But it's quite likely their services won't be needed either.


Anonymous said...

vladimir is the stronger of the two brothers and has more heart than vladamir. he is only fighting sam peter to try to protect his little brother.

Anonymous said...

sorry but i meant vitali instead of vladimir