Saturday, February 9, 2008

Paul"The Punisher" Williams & Andre Berto Face Opponents

Carlos Quintana's only loss was to Miguel Cotto. Tonight he'll face tall Paul "The Punisher" Williams. Suppose people forget to tell Quintana that he's merely an "opponent?" Williams had better not let Quintana get started.

I'm looking forward to Williams- Quintana tonight on HBO. It'll be a first look at Paul Williams for me and my peeps have told me he's a handful. Like early Thomas Hearns, they say, only southpaw. I hope that, when the bell rings, Paul Willians knows it's not basic training. Williams has very little amateur experience but he wouldn’t be the first guy to succeed without it. It does sound like he's had a "look" at some tough competition. Sechew Powell and the other names he drops as training partners are no joke. Quintana's tough... But tall, with leverage, is hard to beat if Williams is "The Truth", as he says and if he's going to really "bring it."

I've seen Andre Berto before. He reminds me of a Curtis Stevens on amphetamines. Berto showed recently he can settle down and then explode at the right moment. I don’t know much about Berto’s opponent, Michael Trabant, a German fighter with 43 bouts, 2 losses, one draw.... We'll find out later tonight as HBO's Boxing After Dark continues one what looks to be a great night of boxing.

Welcome to Jompac, Trabant.... Hope you have lasting fond memories.


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